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Dighton Water District Election Notice 2022
Hydrant Flushing
Dighton Water District Public Hearing
Dighton Middle School Cafeteria

Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 6:00 PM

Water Restriction
May 1st - September 30th
Nonessential outdoor water use is permitted only on the days and hours specified.

Odd Numbered Addresses - Permitted on Monday & Thursday from 5am - 8am
Even Numbered Addresses - Permitted on Tuesday & Friday from 5am - 8am

Penalties for not complying with this regulation
1st Violation: Written Warning
2nd Violation: $100
3rd Violation: $200
4th Violation: $300 water service termination

No New Irrigation Systems Permitted on Any Home
Dighton Water District Annual Warrant - 2021
Meter Testing
Dighton Water District Budget Reports


Main Street Water Main Replacement